Velocio ZERO Bootie

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Cyclists are passionate about riding, whether it’s a relaxing cruise on a weekend or powerfully epic rides. It’s the sense of freedom with each pedal stroke that’s more addictive than any drug known to man, getting passionate cyclists out on to the road. No matter how passionate of a cyclist you are, once the temperature starts to dip, your hands and feet are the first to go cold, making the ride uncomfortable or even painful.

The Velocio ZERO Booties are made to keep your feet warm and dry for riders everywhere. The wind and water proof soft-shell membrane sides provide warmth without sacrificing mobility. The Velocio logo trim and reflective details aid in visibility, while the durable water-resistant reverse coil zipper with reinforced heel tab offers durability and longevity. The microfiber silicone printed gripper and internal zipper flap with garage adds excellent fit and comfort. Made in Italy, the Velocio ZERO Bootie is available in black and navy, and in a range of sizes between XS and XL.

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