The Hill-Side New Slip-On

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“Slip into comfort” has a nice ring to it; albeit the phrase does lend itself to various types of R-rated jokes, none-the-less it is the best way to describe the new Hill-Side Slip-On. Ethically manufactured in Japan, available in three heathered slub jerseys, “fingerprint” indigo jacquard, and two-tone synth suede, the newly redesigned shoe brings comfort to a polished look. The shoe features a rubber heel guard and higher ankle profile that makes it perfect for hanging out on the boat, brunch, office, or casual dinner date wear.

The new Hill-Side Slip-On is carefully crafted by industry experts. From start to finish the shoe is sewn and assembled by hand, following 140 years of craftsmanship tradition in western Japan. The three heathered slub jerseys feature an organic cotton fabric that is produced on antique knitting machines to create a supple, soft fabric that your bare feet will appreciate. The fingerprint indigo jacquard fabric is created at a small textile mill. Each shoe in this color will be slightly different due to the unique, non-repeating quality of the woven pattern. The two-tone synth suede brings the fashionable characteristics of suede without the fear of the unexpected rain shower. No matter which color or pattern you choose, the new Hill-Side Slip-On is the comfortable solution to spring, summer, or fall fashionable footwear.

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