HELM Lee Low Black Boots

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Men who aspire to greatness must take bold steps forward in life, and the HELM Lee Low Black Boots are boldness personified. This versatile boot can be worn with a suit, pants or your best pair of blue jeans, but expect to make a standout statement with your footwear regardless.

The HELM Lee Low Black Boots are carefully crafted in the U.S.A. from Tasman York Leather and is paired with a tonal panel of black cotton canvas for extra detail and a strong style statement when viewed from the side.

The tonal stitching exudes quality, and the boot’s rounded toe is not quite European, but not quite traditional either. The boot makes its own statement, like the bold man who confidently wears it.

The boot’s strong embossed oil and wax-treated leather outsole is also a striking demonstration of strength that produces enhanced durability and water resistance.

The Lee Low Black’s quality, made in the U.S.A. construction is not all about bold design and strength, however. Even the boldest of men need a boot that is built to last and will help you move forward comfortably, not just boldly. To that end, HELM incorporates its signature white composite rubber midsole into the design, adding aesthetic style and extra support for each step you take while trailblazing toward greatness.

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