FEIT Bamboo Flip Flop

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Get ready to hit your favorite beach, pool, or summer BBQ in style with the FEIT Bamboo Flip Flop. Made for guys (and gals) who love warm weather fun, these unisex all natural flip flops are the perfect solution for any casual summer get together where style and comfort are paramount.

The three layers of bamboo used to make these smart looking summer shoes are handcrafted and molded to fit the shape of the foot for unmatched comfort and a unique design. The FEIT Bamboo Flip Flop comes in ever-so-neutral tan or black for a laid back and understated casual look city slickers as well as country boys will dig. The rugged Vibram outsole gives great traction for slippery boat decks or an impromptu game of frisbee on a sunny, summer Saturday.

Designed in New York, nature lovers will appreciate that all of the FEIT products are made entirely by hand from all natural materials that are produced in limited numbers from a select group of master crafts people from all around the world. FEIT takes pride in making products that are a fusion of athletic and classic footwear that is merged into a modern, minimal luxury product… and it looks like they nailed it.

Gentlemen, take your summer soles to the next level with these uber comfortable yet ultra-stylish bamboo flip flops that can take you everywhere you want to be this season.

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