Danner Explorer 650

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You learn a lot when you walk a mile in someone’s shoes. When those shoes are the Danner Explorer 650, then you’re in for a real adventure.

An updated version of the classic Danner Light Boot that wowed the outdoor industry in the 1970s, the new Explorer 650 incorporates the shoemaker’s famous use of Gore-Tex into a technologically advanced, multi-use, seven-day-a-week hiking shoe. Everything about these boots is dedicated to performance.

Danner’s primary concern was to make them light and comfortable enough to tackle long days on rough terrain. Learning from the Light model, the Explorer has reworked pieces of its leather upper with strong nylon panels. This not only took off some weight from the shoes but it’s also added increased breathability and decreased breaking in time. Some careful analysis of the wear and traction of their boots led the design team to remove additional and unnecessary rubber material from underneath the arch, so that there is no excuse for not racing to the top of the mountain.

Further design flourishes are evident in Danner’s partnership with Vibram, prompting a new outsole that incorporates the Megagrip compound and a self-adapting lug pattern for excellent grip on dry and wet ground. Vibram’s airy and energy-rebounding midsole uses natural rubber for its more even wear and lightweight properties. The Danner Dry line keeps the boots safe from water, much like its Light predecessor, so you can stomp through puddles and pebbles while still staying comfortable.

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