Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit

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Since Converse produced the very first Chuck Taylor All Star in 1917, “Chucks” have gone on to become one of the world’s most iconic shoes. A century later, “Chuck Taylors” have held firmly to their place as one of the most fashionable and iconic choices in men’s footwear.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit High Top is the latest pair of Chucks that will delight sneakerheads and hoopers everywhere. The new Nike Flyknit is a breathable, lightweight pair of Chuck Taylors that provides support, breathability and lightweight performance in the iconic Chuck Taylor form factor.

Perhaps the best way to think of this approach to the Chuck Taylor is the marriage of the classic vulcanized rubber sole and patch of the Chuck Taylor with Nike’s latest Flyknit technology.

Flyknit technology is Nike’s answer to a better fit for runners and athletes alike that is akin to a sock. The goal of Flyknit is to create a snug and supportive shoe that is also lightweight and practically unnoticeable. The focus on achieving these ends was the shoe’s upper. As a result, the high top’s upper provides essential support while Nike’s Lunarlon insole provides quality cushioning for advanced comfort.

Lightweight, supportive, flexible, and eminently breathable, the All Star x Nike Flyknit is a bold step forward in the evolution of Chuck Taylors.

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