Bill Ringa Fold

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As a society, we’ve let our nightwear invade our daywear, and the result isn’t always pretty. Consider the middle-school girls getting off the bus in the middle of the afternoon in what you could swear was flannel pajama bottoms, and indeed you’d be right.

We’ve all become the wrong Lebowski, so to speak. And here we’re referring to the opening scene in the classic film where the Jeff Bridges character is dragging ass through the all-night supermarket in a pair of slippers and ratty bathrobe. And if you have no idea what the hell we’re on about you’re certainly not in the market for a pair of Bill Ringa Fold a minimalist sneaker style footwear with big-time slipper comfort.

Although the name may seem like a billfold, it aptly describes the Bill Ringa Fold’s most important characteristic — its foldable sneaker/slipper easy-on, easy-off design. Lebowski never had that kind of flexibility with his loungewear.

Available in grey Bill Ringa’s uppers are made of 100 percent natural lambswool, much like the poplar Allbirds Wool Loungers, and they’ve got cushiony rubber soles and a relaxed fit. Try on a pair and you won’t be able to decide between brushing your teeth or strolling your ‘hood. So don’t decide. Go whichever way the mood takes you. Slip ‘em on while zoning out in your ratty bathrobe in front of the tube at twilight’s last gleam. Or sneak on a pair before chasing after the sons of bitches who pissed on your rug.

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