Astorflex Softflex Sneakers

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When it comes to having an eco-conscious lifestyle, you want to make sure that your impact on the environment is at the lowest level possible. You seek out environmentally-friendly products, organic foods, and take alternate forms of transportation to lessen the amount of fossil fuels that you use. Yet you would love to be able to do more.

Have you considered eco-friendly shoes? The Astorflex Softflex are handmade leather sneakers developed by a Northern Italy family that has been in the boot business for over six generations. These beautiful casual shoes are made from premium European leather to offer a supple flexibility. The leather is treated using all-natural ingredients such as oak bark, water and powered mimosa to create a suede leather that is soft to the touch while durable. Then natural rubber soles are added to increase the comfort of the casual shoes.

The Astorflex Softflex come in two different colors: a Stone colorway that has a light pink hue, and a Peanut colorway that has a light toasted brown tone. So you can mix and match the shoes to your favorite clothes if you are heading out to walk the dog at the park or meeting your friends down at the beach. The Astorflex Softflex are the perfect casual shoes that will provide comfort for your feet the entire day while allowing you to go eco-friendly with your footwear.

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