Allbirds Wool Loungers

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Allbirds Wool Loungers were conceived while New Zealander Tim Brown was staring at a bunch of sheep. That didn’t come out quite right, but what we mean is that he got the idea for a cushiony soft casual shoe that would caress your feet while staring at… no, while imaging what a pair of shoes would feel like if it was fabricated of top-quality merino wool which he happened to see some of his nation’s 29,221,344 sheep wearing, and didn’t think they’d miss it. No, seriously. The merino sheep used in this shoe is ZQ-certified for sustainable farming and animal welfare practices.

They’re not only sheep-approved, these slip-on shoes, but they’re comfy. You can wear them without socks and swear you’ve got on your most comfortable pair. This tender yet quality constructed footwear conforms to your movements and keeps your feet cool when it’s warm and warm when it ain’t. And your tootsies won’t end up smelling like a… well, a certain farm animal. These slip-ons minimize foot odor.

And finally, for you tree-huggers out there, Allbirds Wool Loungers are made in such a way that they leave a very low carbon footprint. Get it? Then get with it. Your feet and all the humanely shorn sheep in New Zealand approve of this purchase.

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