Air Jordan IV ‘Super Nintendo’

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If you had to make a list of all the things that effortlessly put forth what the 1990s were all about, both Air Jordans and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System would be right at the top. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone with the Air Jordan IV ‘Super Nintendo’ — the classic Air Jordan IV silhouette you’ve always loved with the style and sophistication of a 32-bit gaming console from two decades ago. “Retro” has a new name and that name is the Air Jordan IV ‘Super Nintendo’. It’s a veritable mic drop in shoe form.

Based on the classic 90’s video game console of the same name, each pair of Air Jordan IV ‘Super Nintendo’ is made using official Super Nintendo controllers — none of that third party stuff will do. While you can’t necessarily hook it up to your old unit and unwind with a game of Super Mario Bros. 3, the buttons and the control pad on the heel ARE actually pressable. Show people your skills and walk around with maximum style and superior comfort all day long. Note that with a shoe as aggressively niche as this one, only a limited number of pairs are going to be made available. So if you really want to broadcast far and wide just how rad the 1990s were, you’re going to want to get in on the ground floor of the Air Jordan IV ‘Super Nintendo’ as soon as possible before your chance is gone forever.

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  • Stuart Sampson

    16 bit console……

  • Agent721

    Those look great!

    One correction though, Super Mario Bros 3 came out in the NES, not the SNES. You’re thinking of Super Mario World, which released with the SNES when it launched.

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