William & Sterling No-Show Socks

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In many ways, socks are the worst thing to happen to men’s fashion since parachute pants took the world by storm in the 1990s. Is that a gross oversimplification designed only for comedic effect? Absolutely not. One minute, you throw on a nice pair of socks so your feet stay comfy and warm all day long. Then, you can feel the dreaded “slip” start to occur. Those socks start working their way down towards your toes and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. You’re minutes away from taking off your shoes in the middle of the office like a crazy person and everyone will be able to see what a hard time you have properly dressing yourself in the morning.

You could deal with all of that, or you could embrace the William & Sterling No-Show Socks with open arms. This is a collection of socks that not only offers a high precision, non-slip design to guarantee that your socks stay put all day, but also lets you effortlessly pull off the no-sock look without actually goes sock-less. These are socks that are comfortable, that reduce unwanted odors and that won’t even think about making the roll down towards your toes. They’re available in colors like navy, black and nude — for those of you out there who are really, really serious about this whole “I don’t ever want people to know I’m wearing socks” thing.

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