Sunspel X Cubitts Cavendish Sunglasses

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Sunspel X Cubitts Cavendish Sunglasses just sounds British, doesn’t it? And these sunglasses are. They boast a simple, timeless mid-1960s design. And it’s true that the retro-cool look would not look out of place on the pale, sullen face of a certain curly-haired American Greenwich Village folk troubadour with acoustic guitar strapped to his thin shoulders and harmonica to his lips. But his name won’t be mentioned in case trigger-fingered lawyers imply an endorsement that we’re absolutely not making.

That said, these British shades bring a vintage attitude to the faces of sun worshippers even too young to understand the pop culture non-endorsement reference. They’re available in black and tortoiseshell and feature UV400 Zeiss lenses for strong eye protection.

Each pair also comes with a leather carrying case, cotton pouch, a lens cleaning cloth and miniature screwdriver for tightening the arms if they don’t already conform beautifully to your face. The extra accessories are not out of place since this quality solar eyewear retails for a wallet-pinching $285. We know a certain Greenwich Village folk singer who couldn’t have afforded his first pair of Sunspel sunglasses until the release of… well, let’s just say he would have had to sell a few records first. And that’s not an implied endorsement.

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