Shwood Canby Cactus

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Call us ignorant, but until we started studying the birch core construction of the Shwood Canby Cactus, we didn’t even know cacti had skeletons. But it’s true, the skeleton bit, because resin-cast cactus skeletons form the framework of this globally sourced sun eyewear. That and sustainably harvested hardwoods from plantations all over the globe. Never owned yourself a pair of wooden sunglasses, didja?

Shwood boasts that the Canby Cactus are crafted from arid landscapes, which goes without saying with all the cacti and whatnot, and apparently that’s a good thing. When you throw in the global plantations and the Japanese polarized lenses and the German spring hinges, you’re going places in these sunglasses. Or at least the glasses have been to places even if you’re just using them while sunning in a dry swimsuit on the deck of your apartment complex pool in Jersey.

Sorry to say, but the arid landscapes and those damn cactus skeletons on our faces are making us thirsty. But that’s a good thing because we got us a pitcher of Margaritas chillin’ by the pool in Hackensack. Get yourself a six of tall boys and a pair of woody sunglasses and join us.

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