Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter

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For all of you Top Gun fanatics who “feel the need for speed,” it might be time to hang-up your classic Aviators in favor of the Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter. The unique Blaze lens features a contemporary style that is perfect for urban and country lovers who like to don a bold, daring style that is both unexpected and appreciated. For more traditional shade seekers, don’t worry the original Arista is still available. Sleek silver, copper, blue, or the modern demi-gloss black are all iconic colors that can be chosen as you customize your favorite summer accessory.

With dark mirror shades, shiny metal frames, and an all-new flat shield lens, Ray-Ban has once more pushed the envelope. Here’s hoping that you don’t spill someone’s coffee when you radio in saying, “tower, this is ghost rider requesting a fly-by.” After all, the Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter will definitely cause people to stare no matter what you are driving or flying. The only question is, are you ready for all of the fanfare?

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