Oakley Frogskins Lite

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Founded by Jim Jannard in the 1970’s, Oakley began as a small-scale motocross accessories company that focused primarily on handgrips. After expanding into the motocross eye-goggle market, it was a short leap to begin crafting a variety of sports-oriented eyewear.

Oakley didn’t really capture a significant consumer base, however, until the release of the original Frogskins line in the 1980s. Retailing for around $40, these quintessentially 80s sunglasses came in over 50 vibrant color combinations and sent Oakley on the path to becoming the legendary brand that it is today.

Celebrating the glory of their 80s heyday while embracing styling that is distinctively modern, Oakley has now redesigned their classic Frogskins for a whole new generation. The Oakley Frogskins Lite series retains the same unmistakable frame shape and bold color palettes that made the original series such a smash success. In addition to their new semi-rimless design, Frogskins Lite shades feature improvements such as lightweight O Matter frames and Unobtainium nose pads for a perfect three-point fit and alignment.

If you missed out on the Frogskins glory of the 80s, here’s your chance to get in on the action…but don’t hesitate for long! Oakley is releasing the Frogskins Lite line in extremely limited numbers and will manufacture only 3,000 of most models.

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