New Balance x J. Crew

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The “athleisure” hype in the fashion industry is big. Now, New Balance x J.Crew is stealing the scene. The ready-to-wear business attire, J.Crew, has tightened ties with long-term partner New Balance to provide a fitness-centric product line. Style and exercise are now interchangeable.

The New Balance x J.Crew lineup is diverse, packed with cooling workout t-shirts, two-in-one workout shorts, packable jackets and full-zip hoodies. The New Balance x J.Crew collection offers a wide array of sneakers and accessories, too, ensuring full leisure and athletic performance. Both best sellers have been in the game for a while. Now, they’re rolling out all-leather sneakers, toucan designs and flexible cross-brand options for the industry’s biggest fans.

The New Balance x J.Crew collection is a power-packed, 20-piece collection crafted with high-tech fabrics and high-definition prints. The 2017 spring presentation packs sports bras, long-sleeved tops, tanks and shoes. The New Balance x J. Crew line proposes adaptability, style and a formal touch to age-old athletic attire. Sports enthusiasts hitting the spin bike, the track or the filed can expect an office-adaptable touch. Both New Balance and J. Crew have meshed formal wear and activewear—creating a powerful assortment of high-end clothing options.

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