Monday You Bastard Sweatshirt

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Mondays. That’s the day of the week your car won’t start. The day the crappiest shows are on. The day you compliment your boss’s boss on her pregnancy and find out she’s not. You could see it by the look in her eye even before you finished the sentence, but you had to complete what you started.

You’re still slightly hungover from the weekend, someone’s not talking to you and you forget who, and the cold front collided with the polar – whatever the meteorologist said, but bottom line, your bottom is frozen to the seat of you non-starting car.

Have we got a sweatshirt for you.

The Monday You Bastard Sweatshirt gives the day all the dignity and positivity it deserves. Wear it to work. You might as well. You’re about to piss off your boss’s boss anyway.

A little about the sweatshirt. It’s cotton. Comes in lots of colors. With set-in sleeves. And a turbular construction. Yeah, we don’t know what that is either, but it says it right on the website. Final bullet point. Google says we probably mean “tubular.” Not sure that improves the sell any.

The person who wrote that bullet – turbular construction – must have written it on a Monday.

Just get the sweatshirt. Order it today. In a size that probably won’t fit.

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