Hestra Table Cut Lambskin Lined Peccary Gloves

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Treat your hands to the very best gloving leather known to man, made by the folks who know a things or two about great gloves. Family operated Swedish brand Hestra Gloves has been making high quality gloves since its establishment in 1936. So when they tell you that leather from peccary, a wild board from the Amazon jungle, is considered the most exclusive leather for glove making, you take their word for it.

For some, wearing pig leather on your hands may be off putting, but once you experience the soft, supple, and isolating leather, you will be convinced. The Hestra Table Cut Gloves are also lined with lambskin, keeping your hands warm even during the coldest of winter days. The classic hand sewn details like three lines of decorative stitching and discreet elastics around the wrist assure that these timeless gloves will stay in style while keeping your hands warm for years to come.

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