DITA Grandmaster-Six

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When you want to make a fashion statement, sometimes it is as easy as slipping on the right pair of shades. The DITA Grandmaster-Six lets you keep the sun out of your eyes in stylish comfort. The oversized aviator pays tribute to the bombastic spirit of New York’s emerging hip-hop scene and the pioneering artists whose innovations in music and dance have electrified the world for nearly 40 years.

The DITA Grandmaster-Six has a durability that is unmatched. The frames are crafted completely from titanium, with custom titanium hinges for a solid construction. A titanium brow bar integrates with the lenses to ensure a snug fit along the face that isn’t tight or cumbersome. The frame stays where it belongs no matter what you plan to do during the day. The finishing touches to the elegant and modern design is the diamond pressed pattern along the temple area of the frame that catches the eye to make people stop and admire your shades.

Yet it’s not all about the sophisticated craftsmanship placed into the frames of the DITA Grandmaster-Six. The CR39 lenses provide the utmost functionality. Each lens has UVA as well as UVB protection integrated into the material. Then they were lined with an anti-reflective coating. See the world around you without the sunlight hampering your vision.

Comfort, modern sophistication, and sturdy craftsmanship is what you will find with the DITA Grandmaster-Six sunglasses. Get outside and go places with the ultimate pair of shades.

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