District Vision Kaishiro Explorer Sunglasses

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If we’re talking about the everyday run-around-the-block runner, the sun isn’t much of an obstacle. Especially if, like some of us, we run in Cleveland, Ohio. On the rare occasion when the sun’s out, we just close our eyes. Even in a competitive race (or semi-competitive, as in our case) we can run blind for a while with little fear of slamming into another runner, most of whom are miles in the forward distance.

But such is not the case for those who take their running game seriously. And it’s for those serious runners that District Vision Kaishiro Explorer Sunglasses were designed and introduced.

District Vision is a company that takes serious runners seriously, and offers an online catalog of “function-first” but trendy looking running eyewear to prove it. Its Explorer line of sunglasses were developed by Japanese engineering and tested by New Your City runners. Serious runners, we assume. Each pair has hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and temple tips for comfort even after the first 20 miles, and a durable titanium core. They also extend D+ lens technology. That wasn’t a good thing when it came to our college earth science class, but the grading system is apparently different in sunglass lens technology.

A pair of these babies will set you back $199, Serious Runner. But that’s a fraction of your annual t-shirt budget.

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