Conor McGregor Fuck You Pinstripe Suit by David August

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar Conor McGregor no longer seems content with his status as the most famous mixed martial artist in the world. On June 14 of 2017, he took his longtime verbal feud with legendary professional boxer and five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Although this clash between the boxing and mixed martial arts world is unprecedented, there is definitely method in McGregor’s apparent madness. A powerful striker, he has drawn upon his early training as a boxer for the entirety of his career. But can he stand up to one of the greatest athletes to ever strap on a pair of boxing gloves? The answer will be revealed on August 26, 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

Reflecting the infamy and notoriety of the UFC’s biggest rule-breaker, the Fuck You Pinstripe Suit was originally designed for Conor McGregor by the luxury brand David August. Now this original custom 3-piece couture label suit is available to the general public as limited-edition made-to-measure product.

Featuring a distinctive slim design, the the Fuck You Pinstripe Suit is comprised of woven Super 130’s wool in navy twill and features details such as French-facing construction, purple camouflage silk lining, stacked ‘kissing’ working buttons on sleeve cuff, a two-button side vent jacket, and hand-stitched detailing. The pinstripe effect on this unique suit is created through the downward repetition of the explicit fighting words “FUCK YOU.” Not a bad way to attempt at subtly getting into Mayweather’s head.

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  • ”fuck you” pinstripe suit cost 4,000 USD. Sales at It’s a 3 piece
    100% wool suit. Fancy a ringside seat? Upon purchase, you stand a chance to win a ticket to Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight worth £7,750. Each eligible customer will roll our digital wheel for a chance to win a ticket to watch the fight!

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