Coldsmoke Apparel Waterproof M65 Field Jacket

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The M65 military jacket became standard issue for U.S. troops back in 1965. Heavier and outfitted with more features than its predecessor, it was designed to offer a plethora of storage options while withstand rain in the jungles of Vietnam, a useful touch that has made the jacket popular even outside of the military. With advancements in materials and rapidly changing needs in terms of functionality, Coldsmoke Apparel has taken on the challenge of thoroughly updating the M65 military jacket with their own take on what has become a staple in men’s style.

The Coldsmoke Apparel Waterproof M65 Field Jacket retains its military functionality, while paying ode to the 10th Mountain Division, a unit specifically designed during WWII for combat in mountain and arctic conditions. Made of a twill fabric with 3-layer laminated woven backer, eVent film, the M65 Field Jacket is waterproof, seam sealed, wind blocking, moisture permeable, and air permeable. The overall loose fit is great for layering on colder days, but you can also adjust the sleeve cuts, bottom opening, waist, and hidden hood for a better fit. It may not faithfully resemble the M65 field jackets of the Vietnam War era, but the added functionality and technical performance will keep you warm and dry, come hell or high-water.

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