Banton Frameworks Profile Collection

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Go to any brick-and-mortar store or online store that sells sunglasses. Check out what they have to offer and you will start to see a pattern with the design of the frames. They are becoming more elaborate, and dare we say that they even look a bit fragile to wear. It almost seems like they are designed to fall to the floor during a strong wind and instantly break apart.

Nobody wants to deal with constantly spending money on such elaborate and fragile sunglasses. Sometimes, you just want to buy a pair that keeps the sun out and stays on your face no matter what. The Banton Frameworks Profile sunglass collection has stripped away the frou-frou appearance and focused on functionality instead to provide you with a superior frame. The minimalistic design draws its inspiration from the sunglasses created back during the 20th century where the focus was on high quality materials. It is crafted out of premium Italian acetate that is precision machined and polished to give a matte finish. It holds CR39 lenses and then coated in a PVD finish to ensure long-lasting quality no matter how often you wear them.

Go back to the reason why you like to wear sunglasses: to block out the sun’s rays so you can concentrate on doing things outside on sunny days. The Banton Frameworks Profile sunglass collection provides you with the functionality you desire with a more classic design.

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