alk phenix 2017 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Japanese streetwear label, alk phenix, introduces their 2017 Spring/Summer lookbook with a collection aimed at individuals living an active urban lifestyle. The brand has positioned itself at the intersection where fashion and function collide. Even the brand’s name is derived from the Japanese word 歩く (aruku), which translates to ‘walk’ or ‘go somewhere on foot.’

Informed by the functionality of their design, the alk phenix 2017 S/S Collection incorporates seasonal items as well as staples for all seasons. Mostly contructed of technical fabrics featuring ample storage and versatility, the design retains a traditional Japanese sensibility while incorporating modern touches. In a day and age where functionality and comfort are as much a part of style as pure design, alk phenix offers a unique proposition for the urban explorer.

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