‘The Periodic Table of Cocktails’ by Emma Stokes

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Do you take your drinks with a side order of nerdiness? Knock back a shot with a science chaser? Well, The Periodic Table of Cocktails may be just the mixology book for you…and you don’t even need a Bunsen burner, an Erlenmeyer flask, or a single test tube to concoct these tasty alcoholic formulations.

The book is the product of Emma Stokes — the creator of the independent online cocktail guide Gin Monkey, the cofounder of the London Cocktail Society, and the orchestrator of World Gin Day. With a pedigree like this, she is the perfect person to offer recipes and mixing tips to help you produce the perfect cocktail.

When composing The Periodic Table of Cocktails, Ms. Stokes took a cue from the unparalleled organizational qualities of the traditional periodic table. Featuring elements such as “Ma” (for martini), “Da” (for daiquiri), and “Ic” (for Irish coffee), The Periodic Table of Cocktails groups each drink within specific columns and rows. Columns are organized according to basic cocktail styles (think fruity/tropical drinks; highballs, swizzles, and muddled drinks; spritzes, fizzes, and Collinses; snappers; and creamy concoctions that include coconut and/or egg). Rows are organized according to predominate alcohol bases (such as gin, vodka, and tequila).

The Periodic Table of Cocktails helps the drinker in you find the perfect cocktail for any taste and occasion, while simultaneously indulging your inner geek with a truly fun and creative conceit.

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