North Bondi by CplusC Architectural Workshop

The architects and builders at Australia’s CplusC Architectural Workshop have long taken a sleek, natural, and downright fun approach to housing design, but they have really outdone themselves with their recent North Bondi Residence. Under the direction of innovative architects in charge Clinton Cole and Ryan Ng, the North Bondi project takes the family residence into a whole new dimension with a property that is perfect for both relaxing privately and entertaining guests.

The downstairs area of the North Bondi Residence is definitely the party place. With ample natural light and easy access to kitchen, dining room, and an outdoor barbeque area, this floor is designed to allow one room to readily flow, both spatially and visually, into the next. However, the main attraction of the downstairs area has to be its striking one-of-a-kind lap pool, which features a transparent acrylic sidewall that has been waterproofed to run adjacent to the residence’s inner living spaces. Resembling a massive aquarium, this wall allows people relaxing or dining inside to peer into the watery depths of the pool and see anyone or anything that is submerged inside!

The private family retreat is centered upstairs, where each bedroom looks out onto a well-manicured jungle of verdant vegetation. In certain strategic areas, these green areas contain vertical garden structures that conveniently double as privacy screens that offer seclusion from the prying eyes of neighbors.

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