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There really is nothing like a good floor pillow to really tie the room together. Not only do you get to make a strong esthetic statement, but you also now have the opportunity to lay anywhere you please at any moment. It truly is the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, because who doesn’t love a good impromptu bit of laying or sitting around time after a hard day at work? The problem with most floor pillows, however, is that they tend to value visual quality over actual functionality. They look great, but your back starts to hurt pretty immediately when they’re in use. Thankfully, the KILLSPENCER Floor Pillow offers a better way to lounge on the floor, without sacrificing comfort or style.

The KILLSPENCER Floor Pillow is one product that really does have it all. It’s been carefully constructed from premium, full-grain leather panels that measure 4.25″ by 5″ each. It’s filled to the brim with individual, furniture grade polyurethane foam pieces — making sure that you have the supreme comfort you demand on even the harshest of surfaces. When you consider the sleek zipper closure for added flexibility, you’re looking at an option that will dutifully stand the test of time. It’s available in two sizes — a small option that measures 42″ by 32″ by 7″, and a larger one that measures 56″ by 46″ by 11″. The small version weighs roughly 20 pounds, while the larger one comes in at 35 pounds. If you’ve got a particular space you’re working with, KILLSPENCER can also accommodate with custom sizing options.

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