Amalgam Ferrari 70th Anniversary 1:18 Scale Collection

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Yes, you can afford a Ferrari. Well, more or less. In fact, you could own 70 of them for less than half the cost of a new home. Actually, it would be a 1:18 scale model Ferrari – or 70 of them – in recognition of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary.

The Amalgam Ferrari 70th Anniversary 1:18 Scale Collection allows you to put yourself behind the miniature wheels of modern Ferraris inspired by iconic classic Ferrari models like the 250 GT Berlinetta and the F40.

These models aren’t the sort of thing you inadvertently sniffed glue to put together in your bedroom when you were nine. Amalgam collaborates with high-end automakers like Ferrari, McLaren and other iconic European brands to get CAD drawings provided by the manufacturer that capture even the most minor detail of chassis, engine and drivetrain. Then they take hundreds of details photos of interior and exterior sections of the vehicles to design the models to such a degree of accuracy that they photograph as real.

As all this attention to production quality and realism suggests, you won’t pick up one or more of these Ferraris without giving it a little thought. A price of $695 per model seems standard. But look at it this way. That’s much less than the cost of garaging the real deal, on a 1:18 scale.

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