A House with a View by Axelrod Architects

When a typical guy considers what he wants in a dream home, a stunning view is often right at the top of the list. The well-named A House With a View by Axelrod Architects provides a view that simply must be seen to be believed.

This two-level home is situated atop a lovely hillside lot that overlooks the splendor of the San Francisco East Bay and nearby Oakland. To make the most of this one of a kind view, Axelrod Architects opened up the home’s interior and its back elevation to highlight the dramatic bay vista. The effect makes it look as though the home’s living room is a true window to the outside world.

The interior is just as stunning, thanks to the sloped ceiling, dark wood flooring and white walls combining to make a stunning living room space. While the views and striking interior may be the home’s defining feature, there are plenty of reasons to head outside because of the home’s outdoor deck area. The deck is made of blackened cedar wood, offering yet another place to soak in the view.

The rest of the home takes a modern and refined approach to its staircases, bathrooms and bedrooms, making the most of the home’s 2150 square feet of space.

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